High School Forever

by Alleyway Saints

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This album was a long time in the making. Thanks to Sheldon Stenning, Tyler Zanon, Dylana Martin, Jeremiah Ackermann, Alea Clark, my family, and all my friends for the support along the way. Alleyway Saints is forever, we will never die.
- Patrick


released August 13, 2017

Patrick Farrugia - guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys, producing, engineering, mixing, mastering
Sheldon Stenning - vocals, synth, design
Tyler Zanon - vocals
Dylana Martin - vocals



all rights reserved


Alleyway Saints British Columbia

Alleyway Saints will never die. We are forever.

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Track Name: Kyrie
Broken roads remind me of home
They take me to a place I thought I had known
A forest green, a deep ravine
A sanctuary of who I had been

They're calling out to present day
Anchored down by a Kyrie
Dreams of abandonment coming true
Stepping out of grey and into blue
Track Name: All My Friends Are Ghosts
I hope that everything will turn out somehow,
Cause I know that I will wreck it all
Just like you wanted
Now we know that all my friends are ghosts

I hope that you meant it
Overindulgent till you get it
And they said you look great
Your depression helped you lose the weight
We think “how about no, you’re so irresponsible”
But that’s not you
I don’t know what you’re going through

It’s so nice to believe that you want the best for me
I can’t take your words and let them set me free

Stop idolizing pizza, stop idolizing 90000 pictures of other people having sex cause it’s not real
You weren’t there, you don’t know how it felt to coast
It all came crashing down
All my friends are ghosts

Stop being tired, stop losing weight, stop saying things about the people you hate, stop using pain, stop your beating heart, stop staying up after dark, stop taking pills, stop being engrossed, stop all the things that you love the most, stop packing light, stop tempting fate, stop saying things about the people you hate, stop talking loud, stop wanting to die
Why all my friends are ghosts
Track Name: May
I try to tell you how I really feel
The words won't come out, these love wounds won't heal
My heart aches to say how much I care
In hopes that a signal of interest will flare

Can't think of any words to say
When our eyes meet, you make my day
I guess I'm just that awkward guy who fell for you in May
I never think about what I do
All of my words are said too soon
I guess I'm just that stupid boy who's heart belongs to you

Consider me one of the hopeless youth
But what I speak I consider the truth
Your malachite eyes shine throughout the night
My head and my heart put up a fight
Track Name: Shoplifter
I know that you care, but you’d never understand
Cause you have a girlfriend, a best friend, and a car
Your parents helped you find who you are

Just leave it to your friends to wreck something beautiful to you
To wreck something honest and true
They’ll tear you apart

I don’t mind, yeah you can blame me
Cause you gotta blame somebody who only heard half of the story
It would hurt more but you bore me

And I looked at you with these dying eyes, and I was dying to forget that anyone could die at all
And I should be upset, I can only imagine through your death bed is how you knew
Did you have a good life
It’s kinda funny that who I was was not who I became
When it’s not about who you are, what matters is the heart that you bring
And these songs, yeah these songs, just a testament to prove I exist for at least a bit and some finger flicks
I’m just a memory

Since we became friends, I learned something beautiful from you
I learned something honest and true, I’ll tear you apart
Track Name: Love Someone
Circle down the drain like I do when I’m with you
Toss and turn in my bed like I always have

Want a touch that leaves me breathless
Breaking hearts till I feel hopeless

Fingers taste like smoke from days before
It’s hard to pretend like I never cared
It’s been killing me for quite some time
Hope I never fall again for anyone of your kind

Want a touch that leaves me breathless
Breaking hearts till I feel hopeless
They say you know when you love someone
I guess I don’t

I do, I come back for more
It’s comfort that I long for
But the medicine you adore
Track Name: The Life and Death of a Wallflower
A flower starts to sprout
Shines out brighter than any other
Basking in the sun
A symbol of two modern lovers
A cloud starts to form
The hurricane is sure to be coming
The flower gets swept up
The thief is running

Used and abused, the flower is just a pawn
The pollen's forced out, shooting out repetitions of the same song
Polishing it with heroin, the show must go on
The crowd eats it up, no one realises what is wrong

Who really listened to the swan song of the one who sang all summer long
They're falling in love, falling in love with winter thorns
Casket brought out for flower's funeral day
Underground it'll stay
With the thunder far away
Now it's gone
Track Name: Curtain Call
Sanctuaries built by titans before you destroyed with a final kiss
Congregate to those historic ruins to just disgrace their holy hiss

Shallow, your shelter's falling down
Naive to everything around
The whole world is moving by you with your gospel proven untrue
Oh sweet clover
It's time for you to start over

Dissolution of the emphatic conscience eradicates progress
Your citation of an apparent movement is honestly artifice

Sold your morals to the highest bidder
Death has found its pawn
Sold your morals to the highest bidder
You have sung your final song
Track Name: King Casa
When the fog builds up in this house
When the reapers begin to arouse
It's hard to find a way around
You hope your body will never be found
When the plastic bombastics are free
When the fake faces are all you see
Your heart and soul's been pierced by a horn
You wish you were never born
Track Name: 086
I cannot see what you seek
But what you saw was not all of me
You never gave me a chance
Desensitized, you're stuck in a trance

We could have been something more
You just threw me out the front door
It's too late to take me back
That one quality that you lacked was

Your type of love, I just don't know
Truth doesn't matter, it's all about show
Nothing left to save
You dug your own grave
Track Name: High School Forever
Can't shake this sense of failure
Can't shake this obsessive behaviour
Made the lives of those I love worse
All of my dreams laid in a black hearse

All of this misery
All of which you can see

Cast to calamity in stride
Past the point of my will to abide
Drama decks my hope for us inside
Counting down the days to suicide

Wish that we could let go
Of our seeds that we sowed
It's a cold November
In high school forever

Sing to the satellites, you'll find they cannot save you
Our melodramatics'll fall in time, let's start anew

Traced your fingertips like satan's scythe
As if you could puppeteer my life
I'm a slave to your juvenile strife
Until I can run toward the light

Now that I'm gone
It won't be long

Sing to the satellites, you'll find they cannot save you
Our melodramatics'll fall in time, let's start anew
This round you cannot blame it all on your broken youth
Your time has come, it's judgement day, now tell the truth

Broken roads remind me of home
They take me to a place I thought I had known
A forest green, a deep ravine
A sanctuary of who I had been